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**SchoolAxis** - A student accommodation platform

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Giftie Mobile - Send gifts to anyone

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CribMD - A digital health platform

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Qiiper Mobile - Talk to mental health professionals

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Grain Point - A farmer aggregation platform


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<aside> ⚪ **Cadawada** - A simple, quick and secure online system for payments and transactions from across many countries.


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<aside> ⚪ Paymonthly Homes - A platform where you can purchase a home within Lagos and pay in monthly instalments.


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<aside> ⚪ CribMD - A technology company that offers low cost medical services from telemedicine, doctor house calls and online pharmacy.


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<aside> ⚪ **Qiiper Landing Page** - A platform where you can interact with different Empaths who can assist you in your journey of emotional growth and stability.


Grain Point - A farmer aggregation platform