The Grain Point application is a crop (grains) aggregation platform to assist farmers deal directly with the off-takers (large corporations who use these grains to make their products) and ensures that the farmers make quality profit off the grains sold. The project consists of;

<aside> ⚡ Note: The Outlet Manager is the person in charge of a Grain Point Outlet where farmers aggregate their grains. The manager also communicates with off-takers to sell the grains.

The Inspector is the person that inspects the grains brought in by the farmers to be sure the grains meet the quality of the request made by the off-takers.


Style Guide

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A section of the flow created for the entire application is below.


At the completion of the userflow designs, I created the wireframes for both the inspector application and the outlet manager application. Check the wireframes below.

Wireframes for the Outlet Manager Application

Frame 95.png

Frame 97.png

Frame 96.png

Frame 98.png

The product was designed after the wireframes were prototyped and tested and after the initial round of testing, we agreed that I make some UX and UI changes which affected the final output of the mobile application that are shared below.

The following screens are some of the screens from the Outlet Manager Application.

High Fidelity